Spotlight on Wellbeing



Each month, we will highlight a resource linked to an area of wellbeing, which can be accessed for free by all registered teachers through your My Registration portal.

May 2023

Nurturing Wellbeing Development in Education: From Little Things, Big Things Grow (2016) McCallum, F. and Price, D.
“At the core of education, the notion of wellbeing permeates both learner and educator wellbeing" (p. i).
This book includes national and international research that explores wellbeing issues in relation to the fields of education, disability, alternative education, rural, social media and teacher wellbeing, with implications for policy and practice.


April 2023

Research ezine on wellbeing
The ezine contains ten summaries of research articles that consider wellbeing from different perspectives including: wellbeing and academic performance; wellbeing of teachers; wellbeing and general health; wellbeing and emotional intelligence; resilience; subjective wellbeing; wellbeing and a sense of personal worth; and adolescent wellbeing. All articles which are summarised in this ezine can be accessed free of charge.
Click on the book cover below to access the ezine.


March 2023

This month’s highlight is an ebook:

Knightsmith, P. (2020). The Mentally Healthy Schools Workbook : Practical Tips, Ideas, Action Plans and Worksheets for Making Meaningful Change
Click on the book cover below to access the online library.