Droichead: A Quick Guide (Primary)

Droichead is the integrated professional induction framework  

From September 2020, Droichead is the only route of induction for all primary Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs).

You must have a contract/offer of employment of a minimum of 60 consecutive days in an eligible setting.


How to apply for and complete the Droichead process

1) Apply via the My Registration Portal

Select “Login / My Registration” then “My Conditions” and the “View Details” option on your Droichead condition.

2) Engage in Droichead process:

Strand A: School based Induction

- Supported by Professional Support Team (PST)


Strand B: Additional Professional Learning Activities

- Attend 1 NQT Cluster Meeting per term (see Note 8 below)
- At least 1 other Professional Learning Activity chosen in consultation with PST

3) Conclude by completing the online Droichead Form D on the Teaching Council Portal.

Select “Login / My Registration”, then “My Conditions” and the “View Details” option on your Droichead condition. Select option to complete your Droichead Form D.


Points to Note

1. Before you apply for Droichead you must;

i) confirm that you are in an eligible setting and meet the minimum duration for the process.

ii) confirm that your school is willing to facilitate you through the process by providing a Professional Support Team (PST) to work collaboratively to support and mentor you during your induction process.

iii) Read and understand Section 2 of the Post-qualification Professional Practice Procedures and Criteria document so that you are fully informed of the Droichead process and what is required of you to complete it. This document can be found under “Publications” on www.teachingcouncil.ie

2. Your Professional Support Team (PST), must have a minimum of two teachers who have completed at least two days of PST training before they can start the process with you.

3. Conclusion of your Droichead process can only occur once all the members of your PST have completed all required days of their PST training (i.e., are fully trained). 

4. For information relating to job-sharing or part-time contracts please refer to Post-qualification Professional Practice Conditions Transitionary Arrangements which is available on the Council’s website.

5. When you apply for Droichead you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application. Once you have been accepted onto the Droichead process you will receive a confirmation email.

6. The confirmation email will provide links to important information and documentation. It gives approval for the commencement of your process and will include your start date.

7. Your Droichead process cannot begin until you receive the confirmation email from the Teaching Council.

8. A copy of the confirmation email is required by your PST in order to begin your Droichead process.

9. A copy of the confirmation email is required for attendance at the Cluster Meetings.