School Placement eBook

Welcome to the School Placement eBook.

This eBook offers an opportunity to hear from a range of individuals on their experiences of school placement. The narratives in this eBook offer practical insights and innovative approaches and have a particular focus on the importance of collaboration for all stakeholders. Capturing the voices of student teachers, co-operating teachers, principals, and School Placement Tutors and Directors, the eBook presents detailed perspectives on roles and responsibilities, as well as the many opportunities for learning that school placement offers. The eBook also offers the public an opportunity to become more informed about school placement, the rationale for same, and indeed, the importance of effective school placement in initial teacher education.

You may wish to dip in and out of each chapter, browse the video clips in each one, or make your way through the content from beginning to end. Within the overall structure of this eBook, it is open to decide how you wish to engage with the content.

We hope that you enjoy browsing this eBook.

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Chapter 1 - Partnership

Chapter 1 Partnership

Clip 1 - A Whole School Approach

Clip 2 Partnership Agreement

Clip 2 - Partnership Agreement - Designing a Memorandum of Understanding

Chapter 3 Co operating teachers

Clip 3 - Co-operating Teachers - Communities and Opportunities for Learning

Chapter 4 building relationships

Clip 4 - Building Relationships


Chapter 2 - Key Elements of School Placement

Chapter 2 Clip 1 Supporting Student Teachers

Clip 1: Supporting Student Teachers

Chapter 2 Clip 2 A Variety of Learning Opportunities

Clip 2: A Variety of Learning Opportunities

Chaper 2 Clip 3 Research and School Placement

Clip 3: Research and School Placement

Chapter 3 - Roles and Responsibilities

Chapter 3 Co-operating Teachers and Principals

Clip 1: Co-operating Teachers and Principals

Chapter 3 Student Teachers

Clip 2: Student Teachers

Chapter 3 School Placement Tutors

Clip 3: School Placement Tutors

Chapter 3 Directors of School Placement

Clip 4: Directors of School Placement