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Below is the list of candidates for the 2024 Teaching Council Elections displayed by category and then by geographical constituency.

Eight candidates have been elected without poll and these can be found under the Elected Candidates heading at the bottom of the page.

Photos and statements, as provided by each candidate, can be viewed by selecting the desired category and geographical constituency below. Candidates in each geographical constituency are displayed in alphabetical order.

Category 1 - Primary


2 candidates to be elected

  • Hazel O’Connor-McWey

    Hazel O’Connor-McWey

    Hazel O’ Connor Mc Wey is an administrative principal in Ballinabranna N.S. in Carlow. Hazel has been principal there for the past 2 years. Prior to this Hazel was a teaching principal for 5 years in Myshall National School in Carlow.

    Hazel graduated from St. Patrick’s College in 2008 with a B.Ed (Hons) and holds a Masters’ Degree in Primary Religious Education from St. Patrick’s College and Mater Dei Institute. Hazel also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Leadership from the University of Maynooth and a Diploma in Educational Law from the law Society.

    Hazel worked as an Intern with the INTO for one year, working in various sections of the trade union  and was seconded to the CPSMA (Catholic Primary Schools Management Association) for 2 years, supporting Boards of Management in their work . Prior to these secondments Hazel was a mainstream class teacher in St. Fiacc’s NS, Carlow.

    Hazel work’s and lectures in the area of Religious Education and serves on the Kildare and Leighlin Diocesan Education Council. Hazel is currently Branch Secretary of North Carlow INTO.

    Hazel is a qualified mediator and is currently completing a Diploma in Employment law with Kings Inn. Hazel is married with 2 kids, Liam and Maeve.

  • Joseph McKeown

    Joseph McKeown

    Joe is a teacher based in Kilkenny, where he served as principal of St. Patrick’s de la Salle BNS., a 27 teacher school with three special classes for pupils with ASD. During his teaching career he has taught in mainstream and SEN settings in the denominational and multi denominational sectors.

    Joe is currently  Deputy Chair of the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) and is Chair of the NCCA’s  Early Childhood and Primary Board. Joe is also Chair of the NCCA’s Audit and Risk Committee.

    Joe has a long history of active involvement in the INTO, serving as INTO President, Vice President and District Representative. He is deeply committed to serving teachers at local, regional and national level.

    Joe values the crucial role that the Teaching Council plays in safeguarding the professional standards in the teaching profession. He believes that it is important to ensure that teachers have an experienced and authoritative voice on the Teaching Council and he believes that he has the necessary experience to fulfil the role.

  • Seán O’Dubhlaing

    Seán O’Dubhlaing

    Seán Ó Dubhlaing is an elected current member of the Teaching Council since 2020.

    Seán is involved in financial supervision, vetting control and teacher registration there

    Seán has worked in primary education, SEN and other roles such as INTO nationally, regionally and locally

    Seán received his education in Co. Carlow and taught and managed primary schools in Dublin, Meath, Wicklow, Wexford and Laois.

    Seán graduated from UCD, DCU, and NUI Maynooth in Education, Leadership, SEN, Regulation, Governance, and Data Protection

    Beyond 2024, Seán envisions a Teaching Council that is listening to the voices of teachers  and that these voices are reflected in Council policy

    A reflective Teaching Council that continues the review of the Droichead process to help recruit and retain younger registered teachers of diverse backgrounds in Leinster

    Further develop Cosán process around the needs of teachers at whatever stage of their career;

    If re-elected in 2024, Seán will work with Teaching Council on promoting and delivery of  diverse registered teachers

    SEÁN Ó DUBHLAING grasps the challenges and opportunities facing primary teachers / principals

    If Seán is re-elected, Seán will be a strong, practical, pragmatic voice without fear on behalf of all registered teachers


  • Shauna Marron

    Shauna Marron

    As a seasoned primary and secondary teacher, my extensive international experience uniquely positions me as a valuable candidate for the Teaching Council. Having taught abroad, I bring a global perspective to education, emphasising inclusion and diversity within various curricula.

    I am a graduate of Music and Religious Education from DCU, and I continued my studies in London. I achieved a postgraduate degree in primary education and a master’s degree in Literacy Learning and Literacy Difficulties. I have worked in the UK, UAE, Dublin, and I currently work in Maynooth.

    My leadership roles in curriculum development, coupled with a Master’s in Literacy Learning and ongoing studies for a diploma in Educational Leadership and Management at Maynooth University, showcase my dedication to maintaining and elevating educational standards. I am a firm believer in continuous learning and self-reflection, evident in my commitment to professional growth.

    If elected, I am poised to bring a fresh and dynamic viewpoint to the Teaching Council. My multifaceted background equips me to navigate the evolving landscape of education, ensuring a proactive approach to addressing challenges and fostering innovation. I am enthusiastic about contributing to the Council’s mission of enhancing education, and I look forward to the opportunity to make a positive impact on the board.

Category 2 - Post-primary (voluntary)

Dublin and South

2 candidates to be elected

  • Adrieanne Healy

    Adrieanne Healy

    Secondary school, St. Dominics College, Cabra, Dublin 7

    Graduate of UCD, B.Agr.Sc, M.Agr.Sc, H.Dip.Ed

    • Teaching for 28 years in the Voluntary Secondary Sector in Dublin
    • Teacher of Science, Biology and Maths in St. Dominics College, Cabra, Dublin for 27 years.
    • ASTI School Steward (10 Years) and ASTI member for 28 years
    • Corrector of Junior Cert Science for the State Examinations Commission
    • Superintendent for the State Examinations Commission
    • Representing ASTI members at national executive level:
    • ASTI Standing Committee, Region 15 (3 years)
    • ASTI Finance Committee
    • ASTI Posts of Responsibility Committee
    • ICTU Women’s Committee representing ASTI members (2nd Term)
    • ASTIR Editorial Board
    • ASTI Regional Organiser Region 15 (3 years)
    • Member of the ASTI Equal Opportunities committee (4 years)
    • Chairperson of Dublin North West Branch (5 years)
    • Vice-chairperson of Dublin North West Branch (3years)
    • Spokesperson for the ASTI in national media; radio and newspapers
  • Barry Hennessy

    Barry Hennessy

    ASTI endorsed candidate

    I teach French, Spanish and Wellbeing subjects at Coláiste Éanna in Rathfarnham. I am a member of the ASTI Dublin South 1 branch, ASTI subject representative for French and a member of the NCCA JC MFL Development Group.

    I hold an Advanced Diploma in Law and Education (Distinction) from the King’s Inns and have a thorough grounding in education law, including the regulatory function of the Teaching Council.


    If elected, my priorities will be:

    Reducing PME courses to one year’s duration to address the crisis in teacher supply and reduce the expense incurred.

    Expand Droichead to include the major dissertation and e-modules in the history of education and education law to be completed whilst in employment.

    Review subject registration requirements to remove remaining unfair barriers to graduates with non-Irish or ‘non-traditional’ qualifications.

    Commission a barrister-led review of the fitness to teach process to assess the proportionality/relevance of cases taken to hearing and sanctions imposed with reference to other common law jurisdictions.

    Resisting any link between ongoing CPD and re-registration unless agreed to by the teaching unions.


    These priorities represent a positive platform for teachers’ legitimate interests and I am asking for your number 1 vote to give me a strong mandate to pursue them.

  • Christopher Humphries

    Christopher Humphries

    My name is Christopher Humphries, and I am an Assistant Principal I at Hansfield ETSS and honoured to serve as Chairperson of the Board of Management at Le Cheile ETNS. My educational journey began at St. Patrick’s College in Thurles, where I cultivated a deep passion for shaping inclusive learning environments.

    My professional focus centres on special education, assessment methodologies, and amplifying student voice. At Hansfield ETSS, I’ve strived to champion the cause of special education, ensuring that every student receives personalised support for their unique learning needs. Simultaneously, my role as Chairperson of the Board of Management at Le Cheile ETNS has allowed me to contribute to the strategic governance of the school, fostering a community that values collaboration and inclusivity.

    My commitment to assessment reflects a belief in fair and comprehensive feedback, ensuring that students are holistically understood in their academic journey. Advocating for student voice, I aim to create spaces where students feel empowered to express themselves and actively contribute to the shaping of their educational experience.

    Gradually, I’ve come to see education not just as a profession, but as a lifelong commitment to nurturing thriving, inclusive communities within the school environment.

  • Patrick Knightly

    Patrick Knightly

    ASTI endorsed candidate

    St Augustine’s College, Dungarvan, Co Waterford

    Since I joined the ASTI in 1992, I have served teachers at school, branch and national level.

    Currently, ASTI Standing Committee representative for Region 7.

    Formerly, member of the Education and Finance Committees.

    Special Education Needs Co-ordinator in my school, ASTI subject representative for SEN and a member of the NCCA SEN Development Group.

    I have gained valuable knowledge, experience and expertise to successfully represent all teachers at Teaching Council level.


    My concerns

    I am familiar with ASTI policies and will do all in my power to ensure that teachers are treated fairly. I believe very strongly that teachers’ rights must be protected.

    All complaints must be fully investigated at school level before they can be escalated to the Teaching Council.

    Workload not increased further.

    Annual €65 Registration Fee must be reduced.

    Registration not linked to CPD.

    Teacher supply must be addressed in a way that maintains the current high teaching standards.


    I have the support of my school in putting my name forward and will not be prevented from serving. If elected, I will push for teacher release for members of the Teaching Council to become a statutory entitlement.

  • Yvonne Mercer

    Yvonne Mercer

    Yvonne studied Commerce at U.C.D followed by a Masters Accountancy. She worked in KPMG and Microsoft as a Chartered Accountant before completing her Post Graduate Diploma in Education. More recently Yvonne completed a Professional Diploma in Business and Executive Coaching at Smurfit Business School.

    Yvonne worked in St Benildus College Stillorgan for 11 years and gained further experience working in St Davids Artaine and St Gerards, Bray.  She is passionate about exploring more ways of attracting teachers to the profession. Yvonne believes in compensating teachers adequately given the crucial role they play in society and creating workspace cultures that truly recognise and value the capacity of teachers to connect and empathise with their students.

    Yvonne is particularly interested in neuro-diversity and the inclusion of neuro-science and coaching in teacher training programmes. This professional development would further strengthen the connection between teachers and their students. A deeper understanding of the holistic brain facilitates development of teaching strategies which allow for the limits of each students natural neural strengths.

Category 3 - Post-primary (ETB)

Midlands – North-West

1 candidate to be elected

  • Kevin Cassidy

    Kevin Cassidy

    With seven years of invaluable teaching experience, I am not just an educator; I am a visionary with a burning passion for the expansion and development of special educational needs, particularly in the realm of autism.

    My journey in education has been marked by a steadfast commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment. My enthusiasm for empowering both teachers and students with special educational needs is evident in every aspect of my work. I firmly believe that education is the key to unlocking the potential of every student, regardless of their unique challenges.

    My vision extends beyond the classroom, aspiring to lead colleagues in their professional development journeys. I act as a beacon of inspiration, encouraging a culture of continuous growth and learning within the educational community. My belief in the power of collaboration drives me to organise workshops and training sessions, where I share my expertise and insights, fostering a community of educators committed to providing specialised support.

    A true advocate for students with special educational needs, I collaborate with school management to enhance the provision of support. My goal is to create an environment where every student feels valued and supported, ensuring that their educational experience is tailored to their individual needs.

    My impact goes beyond the curriculum; it reaches the hearts and minds of everyone I encounter. My unwavering dedication to the expansion and development of special educational needs reflects not only in my words but in the positive changes I bring to the educational landscape. I am not just a teacher; I am a catalyst for transformation in the world of education.

  • Ursula O’Connor

    Ursula O’Connor

    I am the TUI-endorsed candidate in the Midlands-North-West constituency.  Originally from Kildare, I teach English and History in Mulroy College, Milford, Co. DonegaI. As a TUI activist and Chair of the Co Donegal Branch, I have a strong track record, locally and nationally, in representing effectively the best interests of teachers.

    I am the TUI representative on the NCCA development group for the new Leaving Certificate subject – Drama, Film and Theatre Studies and I am on the National Executive of the Irish National Organisation of Teachers of English (INOTE) where I play an active role in the campaign against moving Paper One in Leaving Certificate English to fifth year.

    I ensure that teachers’ concerns are articulated clearly and effectively.


    If elected, I will insist that the Teaching Council:

    focuses on the retention and recruitment crisis,

    advocates for a viable career structure for teachers,

    recognises that work overload must be tackled,

    acknowledges the right of teachers to personal time,

    champions proper resourcing for equity and inclusion in the classroom

    uses registration fee income to assist teachers,

    streamlines the registration process,

    develops ethical and practical responses to emerging trends and challenges, including generative Artificial Intelligence

Dublin and South

2 candidates to be elected

  • Claire Ní Mharcaigh (Markey)

    Claire Ní Mharcaigh (Markey)

    My name is Claire Markey and I am a teacher of Gaeilge and Geography in Firhouse, Dublin 24.

    I have many years of representing and supporting teachers in my various roles both at local and national level. At present I am Branch Chair of the Dublin Dun Laoghaire Branch of TUI and I am Staff Representative on the Board of DDLETB. I previously sat on the Teaching Council and gained valuable experience and insights into the workings of the Council. I have always been vocal in representing the voice of teachers and will continue to be so.


    I was a member of the Droichead Working Group and ensured that Droichead is a non-evaluative process confirming a supportive and reassuring induction for our newly qualified colleagues.


    I sat on the Cosán Working Group where I was vocal and will continue to be vocal against CPD being linked to a teacher’s registration.

    Fitness to Teach

    I am a strong advocate of issues being dealt with and sorted at a local level and avoiding escalation to the Teaching Council. I will continue to be so. I will also ensure to uphold fair and unbiased procedures for all teachers.

    Today, I ask for your vote for a strong voice for teachers on the Teaching Council.

  • Ian McColgan

    Ian McColgan

    I am a Teacher of Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, and Science for 32 years.

    I served as School Steward in Castleknock Community College from 2008 to 2015 and 2022 to the present.

    I am Treasurer of the Dublin Northwest Branch of the ASTI, an elected member of the Central Executive Council of the ASTI for the past three years and Chairperson of the ASTI Community and Comprehensive Advisory Committee.

    As Chairperson of the Community and Comprehensive Advisory Committee I have sought to bring the issues of the ETB Sector to the wider body of the ASTI and create awareness of the collaboration undertaken by all stakeholders in a system of dual union schools.

    I have been working with teachers and management on issues such as:


    Online teaching timetables

    Stress from initiative overload

    SLAR meetings

    Sick leave for serious illness

    Health and safety (including mental health)

    Equality issues

    As a member of the ASTI Central Executive Council, I have worked to protect the rights and working conditions of teachers, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

    I am convinced that the Teaching Council has a crucial role to play in sustaining the success of the Education System in Ireland.

  • Noel Cronin

    Noel Cronin

    My name is Noel Cronin and I am a Music teacher in Borrisokane Community College, Co. Tipperary.

    Over the past 22 years I have gained extensive experience and knowledge of the ETB sector and have a proven track record of representing teachers at local and national level.  I am a TUI Area Representative and am a member of the Union’s Executive Committee.

    For the past four years I have had the privilege of representing the teachers of Dublin and Ireland South on the Teaching Council.  During this time, I have been a strong, articulate voice for teachers and have always brought the voice of the classroom and school to Teaching Council meetings.


    Fitness to Teach”

    All local procedures must be exhausted before a complaint is brought against a teacher under Part 5 of the Teaching Council Act. Due process and fair procedure are essential.



    I will continue to be your voice at the Teaching Council to highlight the significant professional development and work teachers already undertake. There must be no link between registration and Continuous Professional Development.



    I will seek to ensure that Droichead is a programme of support and benefit for NQTs.


    I am seeking your vote so that I can continue to represent you, the teacher.

    I guarantee I will be your voice on the Teaching Council.

Category 4 - Post-primary (community and comprehensive)

Connaught, Leinster, Munster, Ulster

1 candidate to be elected

  • Clodagh O’Hara

    Clodagh O’Hara

    I am a teacher and post holder in St. Patrick’s Comprehensive School, Shannon Co. Clare for the last 21 years.

    I have a passion for our teaching profession and for representing and guarding its members on a local and national level.

    As an experienced professional I will be a strong voice articulating teachers lived experience.

    I will advocate to ensure that enforced CPD does not become a condition of registration for teachers. And that any proposed CPD takes into account the needs of teachers and recognizes the demands already present in our workplaces.

    To alleviate teacher supply issues I believe that the teaching council needs to reduce registration time and  to put in place a Fastrack system of registration for those returning to the teacher register.

    As a regulator of our profession it is essential that the Teaching Council maintain the teacher majority.

    As a member of the teaching council I will work to ensure that the rights of teachers to due process and fair procedures are upheld.

    It is a priority that any investigation of a teacher has the insight of a serving teacher.

    I am the current spokesperson for the TUI on Senior Cycle Art.

    I am a nominee on the NCCA Senior cycle Art subject development

    Current TUI Assistance fund representative

  • Daniel (Dónal) Cremin

    Daniel (Dónal) Cremin

    I am Donal (Daniel) Cremin, a teacher of Engineering, Graphics and CSPE in Scoil Phobal Sliabh Luachra, Rathmore, Co Kerry.


    I previously taught in Pobalscoil Neasáin, Baldoyle, Dublin 13 and Scoil Mhuire Gan Smál, Blarney, Co Cork.


    Professional Qualifications

    Bachelor of Technology in Education (UL) and Master’s in Education (UCC).

    Diploma in Career Guidance and Counselling (UL) and Mentoring Certificate (UL).

    Involvement as a Teacher Representative

    Active teacher representative.

    I always strive to be a voice for all teachers.

    Subject Representative in Engineering (Junior and Leaving Certificate) and School Safety Representative.

    School steward and Regional Organiser.


    Other Professional Experience

    I am a Leaving Certificate Engineering Project Work corrector for 30 years and am   involved in the National Induction Programme for teachers since 2006.

    Director of Adult Education

    Head of Engineering Department

    Previously a member of the Amalgamated Union of Engineering Workers (AUEW)

    Extensive professional experience in voluntary financial and community work as a Director of Rathmore & District Credit Union for over 30 years in many roles, including:

    Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Loans Officer, PRO, Delegate to Irish League of Credit Unions.

    Participate in several community activities, including the GAA and the tourism industry.

Elected Candidates

In respect of the following panels, the numbers of candidates did not exceed the numbers of persons to be elected in each panel specified. Pursuant to the Teaching Council (Election of Members) Regulations 2023, the Returning Officer has declared the following candidates to be elected without a poll.

For the information of the electorate, the candidates’ statements are provided below.

Category 1 - Primary - Munster

  • Máire Kenefick

    Máire Kenefick

    Máire B. Kenefick has over 30 years experience teaching primary school in Ireland across multiple schools and curricula. She trained in Carysfort College of Education, where she was awarded the prestigious Blake and Carlisle award for excellence in teaching practice and education.

    Máire has always been passionate about the teaching profession and the impact that high quality teaching and learning has on the lives of all our children. She believes it can give them the encouragement and confidence to contribute to our changing Irish, multi-cultural society, and cultivate a commitment to our global responsibilities.

    Besides her professional experience, she worked and studied as a graduate assistant in the Education Department at Western Illinois State University in the U.S., earning her Master of Science in Education (1st Class Honours) with a speciality in Reading and Literacy studies.

    Máire is keenly aware of the rapid changes in education over the past ten years and the impact this has on the day to day in our global classrooms. She is supportive of all our primary teachers and their varied professional needs, as well as the challenges and opportunities facing them in the years to come.

  • Mary Curley

    Mary Curley

    Mary Curley, from Ennis, Co. Clare has been a member of the Teaching Council since 2020, elected on the Munster Panel. Mary has worked tirelessly on the Teaching Council, serving on the Investigation Committee and the Registration Committee, working to ensure that our high professional standards continue to be maintained. Mary began teaching in Sixmilebridge N.S. Co. Clare before being appointed as a Teaching Principal in Doora N.S.

    Mary is passionately interested in Education. As a former Teaching Principal, she is very aware of the many issues facing schools. She has kept her knowledge current by her work as a tutor with MIC and by working as an Independent Assessor in the Diocese of Killaloe. She is currently Chairperson of Sixmilebridge N.S. and is Secretary of the Munster Provincial of CPSMA. Mary is also involved in the Small Schools Clusters Project and is the Co-ordinator of the Gort Cluster.

    Mary is an honorary member of Ennis Branch INTO having served on Committees at Branch and District level for over 30 years. She looks forward to a second term in the Teaching Council and to use the knowledge she has acquired to continue her work in the Teaching Council.

  • Paul Moroney

    Paul Moroney

    Paul Moroney is a teaching principal in Scartaglen National School, Killarney, Co. Kerry. He has a Graduate Diploma in ICT and a Master of Education in ICT, both from Mary Immaculate College. Paul is currently secretary of Killarney Branch INTO and a member of District 13 Committee. He is also on the INTO National Appeals Panel. Paul was an elected member of the INTO National Education Committee for 6 years (2015 -2021).

    For the past four years Paul has served as the Munster Primary Teachers’ Representative on the Teaching Council. During this time, he has been a member of the Education Committee and Disciplinary Committee of the Teaching Council. Paul has been involved in a number of ‘fitness to teach’ inquiries. He has endeavoured to bring his perspective and experience as a practicing teacher to these inquiry panels.

    Paul believes that Irish teachers have established a global reputation for professionalism and high standards. Should he be re-elected he would continue to uphold these standards and ensure that teachers’ interests are always to the fore when it comes to policy-making. He believes that we should be proud of our profession and take care that it continues to be well-respected and promoted.

Category 1 - Primary - Connaught-Ulster

  • Aileen Horkan

    Aileen Horkan

    My name is Aileen Horkan. I am currently teaching 3rd class in St. Joseph’s N.S., Rehins, Ballina, Co. Mayo. I am a graduate of NUI Maynooth and completed my H. Dip in Primary Education with Hibernia College in 2006 and hold a PGSEN from NUI Galway, St. Angela’s which I completed in 2016. I have worked in a variety of school settings during my career to date including DEIS Band 1, supply panel and shared SET in a larger urban and rural two teacher schools as both a class teacher and as an SET.

    I have been involved with my local Ballina branch of the INTO since I began teaching and have held the positions of Branch organiser, Chairperson, Branch Secretary, District Delegate and lobbyist. I am currently the District IV representative on the INTO National Equality Committee. I believe that my involvement has provided me with an particular awareness of the issues impacting the teaching profession at primary level

    I am passionate about advocating for the teaching profession at every level. If elected to the Teaching Council I intend to represent the interests and concerns of teachers throughout the Connaught/Ulster constituency with respect, care, integrity and trust.

  • Desmond Cogan

    Desmond Cogan

    My name is Des Cogan. Like so many of our colleagues having graduated from St. Andrew’s College, Glasgow) in 1995 with a B. Ed. (Hons. Degree) I began my teaching career abroad and worked for several years in Abu Dhabi. In 2002 I settled in Ireland, obtained my Scrúdú Cáilíochta na Gaeilge (SCG) and from then have taught in the Irish Education system.

    I’m an acutely aware of issues facing both our experienced primary school teachers and NQT’s today. The status of our profession has encountered many challenges both socially and economically in recent years. This trend needs to be vigorously addressed. ‘Droichead’ whilst an improvement on previous practice could be further enhanced to benefit the teaching profession and ensure better outcomes for all.

    If elected I will endeavour to ensure proper consultation, transparency, and a strong collective voice for teachers on the Teaching Council. I will do my utmost to bring about change, incentivise, and entice a return home for our teachers. I will seek to promote our profession for the wonderful job that it is and great career choice that it can be.

    I humbly ask for your vote in the Teaching Council elections of 2024. Go raibh maith agaibh.

    Mise le meas,

    Des Cogan

Category 1 - Primary - Dublin

  • David Fagan

    David Fagan

    I have taught for 10 years in Dublin schools, as well as in the UK. I spent most of my career so far in St Dominic’s NS, Tallaght, which is a large DEIS Band 1 school.

    I worked as an Assistant Principal II here, and most recently was the Home School Community Liaison before being appointed Deputy Principal of my current DEIS Band 1 school – St Laurence O’Tooles NS, Sheriff St, Dublin 1. I  work as part of the Special Education Team in my role as SEN Coordinator.

    I hold a BA in History and English from St Patrick’s College (DCU), a Postgraduate Diploma in Education and a Masters of Education from the University of Glasgow, a Special Certificate in Leading Transformative Education from NUI Maynooth and a Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Leadership and Management from NUI Maynooth too.

    I am an active INTO member in the Tallaght Branch, District 8. I have held several roles such as Vice Chairperson of District 8. I am the current Branch Organiser in the Tallaght Branch.

    I am passionate about tackling educational disadvantage and promoting diversity within the teaching profession. If elected, I would work tirelessly for you in safeguarding our profession.

  • Marcella Nic Niallaigh

    Marcella Nic Niallaigh

    I’m originally from and currently living in Rathfarnham.  I graduated from UCD with a BA in Geography and Economics, and I also attained a Higher Diploma in Teaching (Primary) from Froebel College of Education.

    Over the last 27 years I have gained great experience as a classroom teacher, as a member of the In-School Management Team, as Deputy Principal and also as a Principal teacher for seven years in Scoil Mobhí, Glasnaíon.  Currently, I am teaching in St. Mary’s BNS in Rathfarnham. I’m passionate about the Irish language and have experience of working and teaching through the medium of Irish.

    Beyond the classroom, I regularly participate in professional development opportunities to stay abreast of changes and developments in our profession.

    I have always been an active member of the INTO and have served as staff representative, as Branch Committee Member, District Committee member, as Branch Officer, as Leas-Chathaoirleach and as Cathaoirleach of the Tallaght Branch, and as District Auditor of District 8.

Category 2 - Post-primary (voluntary) - Midlands-Northwest

  • Adrian Guinan

    Adrian Guinan

    As a teacher of 28 years, I believe I have the experience, knowledge and trust of colleagues to request your vote in the upcoming Teaching Council elections. I have represented my colleagues as School Steward, Board of Management representative, Branch Treasurer, Regional Organiser and CEC representative. Throughout my career, I have been a strong voice for teachers and ASTI policy, and I am committed to continuing to protect our profession and advocate for teachers and their rights as professionals.


    My priorities:


    It is currently not a requirement to undertake CPD as part of the registration process for the Teaching Council and this must continue. Teachers must have the autonomy to decide upon the CPD they take and not be forced to undertake any CPD decided upon by others.


    Fitness to Teach

    As part of its role in protecting and regulating standards in teaching, the Teaching Council has the power to investigate complaints. It is essential that vexatious complaints are filtered out, and that teachers under investigation are afforded fair procedure and due process. Financial and psychosocial implications for those involved in the process must be considered.



    Ensuring teachers are getting value for money from their registration fee and that Teaching Council funds are being used wisely.