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Date of Publication: July 01, 2024

The following was proven:

That the registered teacher, while employed at a school did, on two separate dates make inappropriate physical contact with one or more preschool students at the school.

The Panel found that there had been poor professional performance by the teacher.

The Panel also made findings in relation to breaches of the Code of Professional Conduct for Teachers updated 2nd edition, 2016 (the “Code”) as follows:


  • a breach of section 3.1 of the Code which states that teachers should “uphold the reputation and standing of the profession”.
  • a breach of section 3.2 of the Code which states that teachers should “take all reasonable steps in relation to the care of pupils/students under their supervision, so as to ensure their safety and welfare.”
  • a breach of section 4.8 of the Code which states that teachers should “act in the best interest of pupils/students”.


Following the inquiry, the Panel of the Disciplinary Committee decided to remove the registered teacher’s name from the register of teachers and decided the registered teacher would not be eligible to apply to be restored to the register for a period of three years, beginning with the date of removal from the Register.

The Disciplinary Committee Panel’s decision was confirmed by the High Court on 11 March 2024 and the sanction took effect.