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The Council has introduced this measure to assist teacher supply challenges and to provide NQTs with every opportunity to complete the Droichead process.   

This measure will commence on Tuesday, 14 November and will be in place for the remainder of the 2023/2024 academic year and the 2024/2025 academic year. It is subject to the following provisions:  

  1. NQTs must complete the Droichead process for the full duration of their contract of employment in these positions i.e. from the commencement date to the end date of the contract, which must exceed the minimum requirement of 60 teaching days. 
  2. The Principal and PST members in the base school will play a key role in supporting the Droichead process for the NQT with the Principal of the base school acting in an oversight role. The relevant personnel in the base school must: 

(a) ensure that they have prior consent and agreement from all schools confirming they are willing to facilitate the completion of the Droichead process.  

(b) take responsibility for ensuring that the NQT is supported in all aspects of the Droichead process and becomes part of its school community. 

(c) assume responsibility for ensuring that all requirements of the Droichead process are completed. 

(d) ensure that the NQT is returned to the same receiving school which should be a Droichead trained school, in so far as is practicable. 

3. A minimum of two Professional Support Team members (PSTs) from the base school are required to support the NQT throughout the process. Whilst the NQT may also engage with additional PST members in receiving schools, the PST in the base school must take responsibility for signing Form D. 

In small schools, or in circumstances where the base school is not in a position to establish a PST exclusively from within the staff, the Oide Droichead Induction Division should be contacted at to discuss the option of offering the process using the External PST model or the Inter-school model.  

Applications for Droichead can be made via the My Registration portal.


If a school or NQT has any doubt in relation to eligibility, please email the Council for advice at

Queries to the Council should include the full name and registration number of the NQT and as much information as possible in relation to the NQT’s contract of employment. 

For more information please see our Droichead process primary page.