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The Council has engaged with the Ukrainian Embassy, National Vetting Bureau, Department of Education, and other State bodies in relation to the registration and vetting of qualified Ukrainian teachers who have been granted Temporary Protection under the EU Temporary Protection Directive. As a response to these unprecedented circumstances, the Council is finalising a tailored process to support the registration and vetting of qualified Ukrainian teachers. This includes a modified application process with a specific application form. Additionally, a guidance document to support the process will be made available in both English and Ukrainian.

Registration as a teacher is a statutory process governed by Irish and EU legislation. Where teachers from Ukraine have evidence of qualified teacher status, they can apply to be admitted to the Register of Teachers in Ireland in order to teach in State-recognised schools. Each application for registration will be assessed on a case-by-case basis under the Teaching Council (Registration) Regulations 2016.

Teachers who do not meet all the registration requirements may be registered subject to conditions. A range of conditions may be attached to a teacher’s registration in line with any identified shortfalls. The teacher will be given three years to address these conditions during which time the Council will continue to engage with the teacher, as necessary.

Once registered, Ukrainian teachers, irrespective of conditional registration status, are eligible to receive a State-funded salary and teach in recognised schools. It should be noted the employment and deployment of teachers within the school system falls outside the remit of the Teaching Council.

Further information will be published on the Council’s website in the coming days. Any qualified Ukrainian teacher interested in applying for registration should email and will be provided with the necessary documentation once available.