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In line with Teaching Council legislation, any teacher whose registration has lapsed must make a full application if they would like to rejoin the register.

With this in mind, the Council has developed a tailored registration process to support teachers in applying to return to the register.

This includes the provision of detailed guidance on how to apply to return to the register and the documentation required. A dedicated team has also been put in place to manage the processing of these applications including a specific email address for teachers’ queries,

More information on the Return to the Register process

Welcoming this initiative, Michelle Keane, Chair of the Teaching Council said, “For various reasons including personal, family and career factors, experienced teachers may lapse from the register. Their potential return to the register is a very positive and beneficial move, both for the individual teacher and the entire education system where education is a discipline that deeply values lifelong learning.

“Teachers who return bring with them experiences gathered during the break they have taken, whether these are related to different career pursuits, further education, or personal development. This experience can further enrich the educational landscape with new learnings and perspectives, contributing to the overall development of the profession, supporting society and helping to shape future generations.”

Dr Lynn Ramsey, Director of the Teaching Council commented, “Teachers considering this step back into their profession have much to gain and contribute in a very dynamic and evolving educational landscape where their experience and achievements can be re-engaged, opening many possibilities for further development and a broad range of career opportunities.

“Experienced teachers returning to the profession can augment the available teaching workforce, thereby also supporting their communities both locally and nationally. The return of teachers to the register is a commendable step marking a commitment to professional growth and dedication to the future of education. The processes we have in place are designed to encourage this objective.”