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Dr Lynn Ramsey, Director of the Teaching Council said, “during the year in review, the Teaching Council continued our implementation programmes in line with our statutory role and strategic plan (2022 – 2027). Our overarching objective is to ensure that standards are maintained and enhanced and, in so doing, that the continuing excellence of the profession is promoted across Ireland”.  

During the reporting year the Council recorded 118,432 teachers on the Register of Teachers, made up of 53,747 primary, 48,600 post-primary, 17,973 Further Education and 1,469 route 4 other teachers.  

There were 3,603 newly qualified teachers processed under the Council’s fast-track registration process between May and August 2022. 

For the first time student teachers who completed the first two years of their undergraduate programme of initial teacher education were enabled to join the register, to be available for substituting roles. A total of 2,764 student teachers registered.  

A total of 6,598 teachers engaged in the Droichead process across the two academic years of 2021/202 and 2022/2023. 

The Teaching Council as the vetting administrator for teachers vetted 41,689 teachers for initial registration, registration renewal and employment purposes. 

Two new 4-year concurrent programmes of initial teacher educations were approved. 

In line with the Council’s continued goal of creating collaborative professional communities of teaching and learning 47 projects were funded under the John Coolahan Research Support Framework. Following the implementation of the Cosán Action Plan, 20 Cosán workshops for schools were facilitated over the last year in collaboration with Education Support Centres Ireland (ESCI). 

The Teaching Council receives and investigates complaints in relation to registered teachers. During the year seven inquiries took place, with one set to be concluded. Four sanction decisions were confirmed by the High Court, all four were removals from the national register of teachers. Following on from this, four notifications were sent to EU Member States noting four teachers had been prohibited from teaching or had their professional practice restricted. 

Michelle Keane, Chairperson of the Teaching Council said that “the pivotal role that teachers occupy in the lives of their students is supported by a potent and foundational element – trust. Parents and families, entrusting the most cherished aspects of their lives -their children – to educators, do so with faith in the transformative potential of a quality education and a deep-rooted trust in teachers. This is merited by the high standards we keep and the demonstrable excellence of our profession”.   

The Council’s Annual Report 2022/2023 is available to view and download on our website.