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What is FÉILTE Scoile?

FÉILTE Scoile can be any teacher lead event where teachers come together to share learning and innovative ideas. FÉILTE Scoile facilitates conversations and provides an opportunity for teachers to share teaching methodologies, resources, ideas and innovations with each other in groups.

Each school can decide the format of their FÉILTE Scoile. Schools who wish to run their own FÉILTE Scoile event can use “FÉILTE Scoile” as the title for the event, and use the official logo (shown below), if the following conditions are met:

  • Teachers lead the event
  • Teachers share learning and innovative ideas with each other in groups

Parents and students should ideally be invited to celebrate teachers’ learning as part of the occasion.

If your school is interested in running a FÉILTE Scoile, we would love to hear from you. Schools can email with details of the event and confirm that the above conditions will be met, and the logo will then be issued to the school.

Following the event, the school will be invited to submit a sample of images from the event to the Council and can also submit a short video if they wish (3 minutes max) to share with other schools via Twitter, the Council website and other communications.