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How to extend a period of conditional registration

If you are unable to complete the requirements of a registration condition within the timeframe, you may apply to the Council for an extension.

You may apply for an extension request six months prior to the condition expiry date.

When applying for an extension, you must outline the difficulties and or circumstances preventing you from completing the required measures in the timeframe.

The Council will consider such requests in the context of:

  • The nature of the registration condition
  • The progress made to date
  • The work that remains to be completed

Every application for an extension is evaluated on its own merits.

Extensions are typically granted for the following reasons:

  • Prolonged illness, which prevents you from working
  • A serious illness of a close relative where you are acting as a carer
  • Bereavements of family members or dependants
  • Maternity, paternity, adoptive or unpaid leave
  • If you don’t secure the employment necessary to meet a condition
  • Long-term foreign travel or employment outside of the Republic of Ireland
  • You are doing a full-time education programme or qualification.

How to apply for extension

To apply for an extension:

  • Login to your My Registration account
  • Go to the My Conditions section
  • Select the Submit Extension Request button
  • Follow the instructions provided

The Director of the Council or their nominee will consider the application for an extension.

If an application is refused, you can appeal the decision to our Registration Committee.

How to be re-admitted to the register after a lapse in registration

If your registration lapsed and you wish to be readmitted to the register, you may have to resubmit:

  • An application form
  • Transcripts
  • Evidence of character documentation
  • Other supporting documentation

The original requirements of the condition will also have to be met.

This re-registering process follow Section 31(5) of the Teaching Council Act.

If you are registered with a condition(s) and voluntarily leave the register and later apply to be re-admitted, you can use the balance of the period originally granted to meet the requirements of the conditions.

Extension Request Assessment Procedures