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Teachers must apply no later than 1 February 2024, to be eligible. The measure, a regulatory amendment order, was signed into law on 26 January by the Minister for Education Norma Foley TD, together with Chairperson of the Teaching Council, Michelle Keane, and the Acting Director of the Teaching Council, Phil Fox. It is a similar measure to previous regulatory orders implemented during the pandemic and its re-establishment forms part of wider ongoing initiatives to alleviate teacher supply issues.

This measure is particularly relevant for primary and post-primary teachers who have studied and qualified abroad and who may wish to return to the Irish education sector. Further information is available on our website on how to apply for registration under this regulation.

The measures being implemented by the Teaching Council are focused on increasing the supply of registered teachers who are available to fill vacancies, including supervision and substitution roles.

Chair of the Teaching Council, Michelle Keane said: “We are grateful to the Minister for her consideration and approval of this regulatory order. This initiative is a welcome addition to ongoing measures designed to support our school communities and the teaching profession while ensuring that all necessary standards for teacher registration will continue to be observed.”

Acting Director of the Teaching Council, Phil Fox said: “The Teaching Council has appropriate resources in place for teacher registration, re-registration, and vetting, with a current register in excess of 118,000 teachers across primary, post-primary, further education and student teachers. This has grown each year since 2006 and is at its highest level in the history of the State. At present, each year there are up to 5,500 applicants for initial registration, who are eligible to teach in schools, resulting in a net growth of 3,600 registrants annually. There are widely acknowledged pressures on the availability of teachers at present given all prevailing circumstances. We will be promoting awareness of this further new regulatory initiative among the profession at home and abroad, in addition to other measures being implemented to support teacher supply and substitution requirements.”

Additional measures

Communication to the register of teachers

Additional measures led by the Teaching Council include a direct communication with the entire register of teachers to promote awareness of this regulatory amendment and to encourage teachers to bring this important update to the attention of friends and family members.

Fast-track summer registration of NQTs

The Council operates a fast-track summer registration process each year to ensure that the newly qualified teachers (NQTs) are registered in advance of the new school year. 3,603 NQTs had their registrations finalised by the Teaching Council in 2022. The NQT process for 2023 graduates will commence in July.

Student teacher registration

An amendment to the Teaching Council Registration Regulations in December 2021 enables the registration of student teachers who have successfully completed the first two years of an accredited undergraduate Initial Teacher Education programme to apply for registration with the Council. At present, in excess of 2,500 student teachers are registered under this route.

Register your availability

Any teachers registered with the Teaching Council who are in a position to provide more substitution and supervision or to fill vacancies, are asked to register their availability through and in particular through the Sub Seeker platform for short-term substitution requirements.

School principals

School principals should also be aware of the potential for cross-sectoral substitution where, for example, any Teaching Council registered teacher can substitute in both primary and post-primary once vetted through the Council.

Recruitment and employment

The recruitment and employment of teachers will continue to be handled by school management and their related patron bodies, subject, as usual, to the necessary registration and vetting processes in line with the professional standards regulations of the Teaching Council. Candidates are advised to visit in the first instance.