My Registration

Teachers must renew their registration annually. Each year before the renewal date, the Council will send a reminder notice and renewal form to all registered teachers at their last notified correspondence address.

Registration Renewal Fee

The Council is a self-funding body. It is funded primarily by annual registration renewal fees, as provided for in Section 23 of the Teaching Council Act, 2001. The initial registration fee is €90 and with effect from 1 January 2013, the annual registration renewal fee has been set at €65.

Paying the Fee

The registration renewal fee is payable by:

  • Credit or debit card  (Visa/Mastercard).
  • Cheque, postal order or bank draft made payable to the Teaching Council.

The Council prefers teachers to renew their registration online by credit/debit card.

Removal of Names from the Register

Under the provisions of the Teaching Council Act, 2001 (Section 33[1]), registration is valid for 12 months from the date of registration. To remain on the Register, a  registered teacher must renew his or her registration before the current period of registration expires.  A Registration Renewal notice will be posted to teachers by the Teaching Council approximately four weeks in advance of their renewal date. If registration is not renewed by the expiry date, a Final Notice will be issued. If registration is not renewed within thirty days of the date on the Final Notice, the teacher’s name will automatically be removed from the register.

A teacher may re-apply for registration at any time by completing the full application process, including Garda vetting and the submission of transcripts and other supporting documentation. Please note, registration cannot be completed without a successful Garda vetting result and at periods of high demand, Garda vetting may take up to ten weeks to complete.

For more information on Registration Renewal see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Renewal Fee Income Tax Relief

The Registration Renewal Fee has been approved by the Revenue Commissioners as a work expense for income tax purposes.

In 2009, all teachers who renewed their registration with the Teaching Council by 30th September had their tax credits automatically increased in December by the Revenue Commissioners. This means that their allowable flat-rate expenses increased and this should have been reflected in their December pay slip.  Teachers who renewed registration after 1st October 2009 must contact their local tax office to claim the tax deduction.

Any queries relating to the tax allowance should be directed to your local tax office ( Local tax offices have been informed by the Revenue Commissioners that teachers are entitled to this credit.