Latest Research Ezine from the Teaching Council

The latest Research ezine from the Teaching Council is now available and contains summaries of freely-available research articles related to cross-curricular teaching and learning. In essence, this is about harnessing research to support greater integration of curricular areas by individual teachers, as well as deeper and more helpful collaboration between teachers across a number of disciplines or different curricular areas.

This will be the subject of the forthcoming Teaching Council webinar of 1 March 2017. It will include contributions from Dr Shane Bergin and Dr Marita Kerin regarding their Quavers to Quadratics programme, Dr Carmel O'Sullivan on the integration of Drama in Education, and Ms Kathleen FitzPatrick and Mr Diarmaid O'Donovan at Kinsale Community School on the successful application of the theory of cross-curricular teaching and learning in a Post-Primary school context.

It promises to a very interesting conversation, and registration for this event is now open.