FÉILTE has grown from an audience of 150 people in 2012, to one of the largest gatherings of teachers in Ireland, across primary, post-primary and further education. This annual celebration of teaching and learning has been led by teachers, who have travelled from around the country to talk to each other and to the public about the innovation that they are leading in learning.FÉILTE Scoile

Such has been the success of the event that we have been receiving calls for the last few years for FÉILTE to grow beyond Dublin.  In announcing this next step in the growth of FÉILTE, we wish to model how it has grown over the past 3 years, i.e. organically, incrementally and in response to teachers' voices.

Last year, Kinsale Community School held its own 'FÉILTE Beag'. Staff members led a series of workshops about teaching and learning for their colleagues.  The feedback from teachers and visitors, which included Council staff, was overwhelmingly positive, and the school has decided to make this an annual fixture in its calendar.

Inspired by this example of professional leadership by teachers on the ground, we have decided to launch FÉILTE Scoile. A FÉILTE Scoile can be as "beag" or as "mór" as the school wishes it to be. But we have chosen a title that acknowledges where FÉILTE has begun and where teachers are now helping it to blossom, in schools.

Schools who wish to run their own FÉILTE Scoile can use "FÉILTE Scoile" as the title for the event, and also use the official logo, if the following conditions are met:

a. Teachers lead the event

b. Teachers share learning and innovative ideas with each other in groups

Parents and students should ideally be invited to celebrate teachers' learning as part of the occasion.

Schools should email communications@teachingcouncil.ie  with details of the event and confirm that the above conditions will be met. No other documentation is required. The logo will then be issued to the school.

The school will be invited to submit a sample of images from the event to the Council, and can also submit a short video if they wish (3 minutes max) to  share with other schools via Twitter, the Council website and other communications.

If your school is interested in running a FÉILTE Scoile, please contact us at communications@teachingcouncil.ie