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Date of Publication: March 07, 2022

The Panel decided that the allegations were proven as to fact.

The allegations are summarised as follows: That Daniel Daudet, being a registered teacher, on 15 November 2017, was convicted of a number of offences triable on indictment, namely the following:

  • Two counts of using a false instrument, i.e., a National ID Card of France, with the intention of inducing another person to accept it as genuine, and having accepted it as genuine, to then do something to the prejudice of that person or another. These counts occurred on 10 July 2002 and 15 August 2008.
  • Approximately seven hundred and eleven counts of dishonestly and by deception inducing another to make social welfare payments to him in the false name of Alexandre Daude, on multiple dates during the period of 2 September 2003 to 30 July 2015.

Following the Inquiry, the Panel of the Disciplinary Committee decided to remove Mr Daudet’s name from the register of teachers and decided that Mr Daudet would not be eligible to apply to be restored to the register, under section 31 of the Teaching Council Acts 2001 to 2015, before the expiration of a period of ten years.

The Disciplinary Committee Panel’s decision was confirmed by the High Court on 24 January 2022.