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eBooks about reflection

The online library has a wide selection of eBooks about reflection.​

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Becoming a Critically Reflective Teacher, S.D Brookfield

This practical guide shows how you can uncover and assess your assumptions about your practice by viewing them through the lens of your students’ eyes, your colleagues’ perceptions, relevant theory and research, and your own personal experience.​

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Developing Reflective Practice: A Guide for Beginning Teachers, D. McGregor

This student-friendly practical guide helps you get to grips with reflective practice in teaching, using theories & case studies.​

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The Teachers’ Reflective Practice Handbook: Becoming an extended professional through capturing evidence informed practice, P. Zwozdiak

This handbook guides you through studying your own teaching for personal development, evaluating your lessons through classroom research, and enhancing the quality of pupil learning.​

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Curriculum Action Research: A Handbook of Methods and Resources for the Reflective Practitioner, J. McKernan​

A handbook of research techniques for teachers that aims to encourage teacher development through curriculum inquiry.​

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New Educational Horizons in Contemporary Ireland, P. Kieran & T.G Grenham.​

This book brings a fresh approach to Irish educational debates, in which qualified educational specialists engage collaboratively in reflection on their own teaching and learning.

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Action Research for Teachers: A Practical Guide. J. McNiff & J. Whitehead​

This book is the perfect companion for teachers at all levels engaging in professional learning who need to enhance their formal reflection skills.​

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Teaching and Learning Through Reflective Practice: A practical guide for positive action, T. Ghaye​

This is a practical guide to enable all those involved in educational activities to learn through the practices of reflection​.

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Enhancing Practice Through Classroom Research: A Teacher’s Guide to Professional Development, C, McDonagh & M. Roche & B. Sullivan & M. Glenn​

This book provides an accessible introduction to understanding and improving teaching and learning through a process of reflection, research, and action.​

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Videos to support reflective practice

Here you will find videos on models of reflection commonly used in educational contexts, as well as videos on tools to support reflection on professional learning.

Articles about reflection

The online library has a wide selection of articles about reflection.​

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Teachers’ Critical Reflective Practice in the Context of Twenty-first Century Learning, L. Benade

In the twenty-first century, learning and teaching at school must prepare young people for engaging in a dynamic world deeply influenced by globalisation and digital technology. This article is based on a project that has used multiple New Zealand case studies to engage teachers and leaders in interviews to explore their experiences at the futures-digital-reflective intersection.​

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Taking teachers’ continuous professional development (CPD) beyond reflection: Adding shared sense-making and collaborative engagement for professional renewal, K. McArdle & N.Coutts

This paper argues that drawing ideas from the literatures on both reflection and communities of practice provides a sound foundation upon which to build professional learning activities that are more likely to support professional renewal than that provided by either concept by itself.​

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Reflecting to Conform? Exploring Irish Student Teachers’ Discourses in Reflective Practice, pp 267-280 Journal of Educational Research, O.McGarr & O.McCormack

The authors examine the normative effect of cultural practices on student teachers’ reflections.​

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The Reflective Teacher: The Value of Reflective Practice for Preservice and Classroom Teachers, pp307-311, International Journal of Learning, C.Richardson

The author will briefly trace the genesis of reflective practice and highlight, through the use of personal and student reflections, the value of reflection for educators.​

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Defining Reflection: Another look at John Dewey and Reflective Thinking, pp842-866, Teachers College Record, C. Rogers

This article examines four criteria that characterise John Dewey’s view of reflective thought: reflection as a meaning-making process; reflection as a systematic, rigorous, disciplined way of thinking with its roots in scientific inquiry; reflection needs to happen in community, in interaction with others; and reflection requires attitudes that value the personal and intellectual growth of oneself and others.​

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Critical reflection in the professional development of teachers: Challenges and possibilities, pp67-85, CEPS Journal, M. Saric & B.Steh

The article starts with a short overview of the different definitions of critical reflection in the context of teachers’ professional development and then underlines some empirical research findings on the problems that teachers and teacher educators face when putting reflective practice into practice​.

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