I have completed some of the induction workshop programme prior to September 2016. What happens if I commence Droichead?

You are welcome to continue to engage in the workshop programme, and many NQTs find it beneficial, but it is not a Council requirement for those who commenced Droichead during or after the 2016/2017 school year. You are required to attend at least one NIPT cluster meeting per term throughout the Droichead process. 

The Droichead Policy states that NQTs engage in one cluster meeting per term. If I am employed in the school for a year, but my Droichead process ends at the end of term 2, should I attend the cluster meeting in term 3?

Droichead is a process of induction for newly qualified teachers (NQTs) led by their more experienced colleagues on the Professional Support Team. Every aspect of the process is about welcoming and supporting the NQT during their first year as they take full responsibility for the learning experiences of students and pupils. Our experience to date clearly indicates that for NQTs, the cluster meetings offer them valuable opportunities to learn from their peers about their experiences in other schools, and to give advice and support to each other, facilitated by the NIPT. This is why they are such an integral part of the Droichead induction process.

In this light, once Form D has been submitted to the Teaching Council, there is no longer a requirement for NQTs to attend cluster meetings. However, in light of the feedback from NQTs about them, we would encourage teachers to attend any cluster meetings between that point in time and the end of the school year. NQTs who have completed the Droichead process have much to offer fellow NQTs who are commencing that process, and their engagement in additional cluster meetings could be a valuable learning opportunity for everyone involved.  Indeed, NQTs who have achieved full registration can view their further participation in cluster meetings as part of their learning journey, as they progress seamlessly from Droichead into Cosán. In this way, they could be part of Cosán’s development process, help shape the further development of the framework, and thereby secure recognition of their support for other teachers’ learning.

Can I complete Droichead if I qualified as a teacher outside of Ireland and have the condition of ‘Qualification Shortfalls’ on my registration?

Yes. Droichead is a professional induction framework. Teachers may choose to complete Droichead as soon as they commence employment, and fulfil their qualification shortfall requirements simultaneously, or subsequently. All teachers with conditional registration generally have three years within which to fulfil conditions attached to their registrations.

What happens when I submit a Form D?

If you are a primary teacher and you submit a Form D, the conditions of Droichead/Probation and Induction (if applicable) are removed.

If you are a post-primary teacher and you submit a Form D, the conditions of Droichead, Post Qualification Employment (PQE) and Induction (if applicable) are removed.

What do I need to do when I complete Droichead?

Upon completion of the Droichead process, the Professional Support Team and the NQT complete Form D which can be downloaded from the Teaching Council website here. This form, along with the confirmation email must be submitted to the Teaching Council.