How will I know when I am registered?

You will receive a Confirmation of Registration letter, a comprehensive Registration Handbook and a copy of the Code of Professional Conduct for Teachers.

What happens if I have to complete supplemental (repeat) examinations?

If your details are not transferred to the Teaching Council in the summer months due to incomplete results or where supplemental (repeat) exams are necessary, you will be required to download a standard application form for registration.  The form may be submitted following the successful completion of any supplemental examinations. The form must be accompanied by the required documentation outlined on the application form. Please note you will not receive a reminder to register from the Teaching Council if you are sitting repeat/supplemental examinations.

I am already registered with the Teaching Council. Do I need to do anything?

Graduates should return the completed NQT application form for registration quoting your existing registration number. The Council will update the Register accordingly.

What is a certified copy?

Please note that the Council will only accept certified copies of identification and qualification documents.

A certified copy is a photocopy of an original document which has been certified/endorsed by an appropriate person, i.e. signed, stamped and dated. By certifying a document an appropriate person is confirming that he/she has seen the original document and believes the photocopy to be a true copy of that document.

The following persons are deemed appropriate persons for the purposes of certifying documents: a member of An Garda Síochána (Police), a Solicitor/Commissioner for Oaths, a registered teacher (with the Irish Teaching Council, they must quote registration number) or a Peace Commissioner (signature, date and name in block capitals).

I am out of the country and will not be home before the deadline date that is on the application form?

In order to be registered before the start of the school year, NQTs should return their application, completed in full and accompanied by the requested documentation (if applicable) by the deadline date published on their application form. The Council will accept NQT applications after this date for a short period usually 4-6 weeks but cannot guarantee registration for the beginning of the school year.