Teachers' learning (CPD)

The Council’s functions in relation to continuing professional development (CPD) provide that the Council will advise the Minister in relation to teachers’ CPD, promote engagement in CPD, conduct research into it and raise awareness of the benefits of teachers’ learning, among the public and teaching profession alike.

Cosán: The National Framework for Teachers’ Learning

Cosán, the national framework for Teachers’ Learning, has emerged from a comprehensive consultation process which was initiated in October 2014 with members of the teaching profession. In a unique approach to consultation, the Teaching Council did not prepare a draft document for this consultation. Instead the Council sought out the views of the profession so as to inform the content, language and structure of the initial draft. This initial draft of the framework was published in May 2015 and the Teaching Council then commenced a second phase of consultation with stakeholders, teachers and programme providers. A detailed account of this development and consultation process is available here. The initial draft framework was adapted and changed in light of this second phase of consultation and the final framework document was adopted by the Teaching Council and launched on 15 March 2016.

Cosán is set out under a number of key headings including values and principles, dimensions of teachers’ learning, learning processes, learning areas, standards to guide learning and reflection. It also sets out possible criteria for the quality assurance and accreditation of teachers’ learning. The final framework document can be accessed here.

Ongoing development of Cosán

The next phase in the development of Cosán will be a development process which will allow space and time for different approaches to be explored, trialled and adapted in different contexts. This phase will have five overarching aims:

  • To explore the use of the standards in guiding teachers’ learning
  • To identify appropriate and sustainable mechanisms for recording and reflecting on teachers’ learning
  • To explore and identify mechanisms and criteria for the accreditation of teachers’ learning
  • To explore the development of an appropriate and sustainable link to registration
  • To trial all aspects of the framework, with specific emphasis on exploring scalability issues, including the opportunities and challenges in moving from development to implementation.

The development process began in April 2016 and will conclude in 2019 in advance of implementation in 2020. Schools and individuals who are interested in being involved in the development process can contact the Teaching Council at cosan@teachingcouncil.ie.