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As part of your PME application, you are required to complete a declaration form for all subjects you are qualified to teach and which you are seeking to have recorded on the Teaching Council’s Register of Teachers. Teaching Council regulations stipulate that in addition to holding a Level 8 degree (or equivalent) on the Irish National Framework of Qualifications, you must meet the requirements for at least one post-primary curricular subject.

Applicants commencing a PME in 2024 and applying to register with the Council in 2026, will be required to meet revised Curricular Subject Registration RequirementsThe requirements for all qualifying subjects are set out below.

  • Click on the subject(s) of your choice and complete the form online.
  • Please ensure that all details on the form are correct, that you hold a Level 8 degree (or equivalent) and the requisite total number of ECTS credits in the relevant subject.
  • Print the form, sign it and return it with the other documentation requested to the PME provider(s)* to which you have applied. This form should not be returned to the Teaching Council.

*Where applications have been made to the four NUIs, this form should be returned to the Postgraduate Applications Centre (PAC).

  • Please note the interactive pdfs below are best compatible with the latest version of Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.
  • For language subjects – prior to the completion of teacher education studies, applicants must provide verifiable evidence of an immersive educational experience in the curricular language. Please see the SDF for further information. Please see Guidance Note on Immersive Education Experience for examples of immersive education experience.

Important Notice

The details provided in the subject declaration(s) will be considered by the PME providers when determining offers of places on the PME. Following commencement of the PME, this declaration form(s) will be forwarded to the Teaching Council, who will consider it as part of its verification process to determine your suitability for registration and what subject(s) can be recorded on the Register of Teachers. Any material errors or misleading declarations made on the declaration form(s) may result in withdrawal by the PME provider of (an offer of) a place or any other such action as the PME provider determines appropriate.