Teaching Council's Inquiry-based Learning E-zine

The next Webinar in the Teaching Council’s Croí series will take place at 8 p.m. on 6 December. The webinar will be on the theme of Inquiry-based Learning, and the guest presenter on the night will be Professor Kathy Short from the University of Arizona. Please click here in order to register.

In advance of the webinar, you may wish to read this research ezine on the theme of inquiry-based learning. We hope that the summaries in the ezine will whet your appetite for what we have no doubt will be a very interesting and enjoyable event. You may also wish to read this article, which provides an overview of Professor Short’s journey as an educator and lifelong inquirer.

 If you are not in a position to attend the webinar, please note that a recording will be available on our website after the event. 

 We are also delighted to advise that the first webinar of 2018 will take place on Thursday 8  February at 8pm, and the guest presenter will be the renowned educationalist and author, Professor Andy Hargreaves. Registration for that webinar will open shortly.