Registration Forms

If you are a teacher who qualified in Ireland, you can apply for registration using the application form below. Teachers who qualified abroad and wish to apply for registration under Route 3 Further Education should also use the application form below. All applications must be submitted with the mandatory documentation by post. Registration is subject to Vetting. 

N.B. Please read the Guidance Notes document prior to completing the REG-01 application form.

Please note that the application form should be printed and signed in the indicated boxes for signature. Applications will not be accepted by email.

Application Form: REG-01 Application for Registration as a Teacher

Guidance Notes: Guidance Notes for REG-01 form

Teacher Education requirement under Route 3 – Further Education

From 01 January 2019, in line with the Teaching Council (Registration) Regulations 2016 and Teaching Council (Registration) (Amendment) Regulations 2016, all applicants for registration under Route 3 Further Education will be required to hold an appropriate Council accredited teacher education qualification. Where all other requirements are met, applicants will be registered with conditions. Please click here for full information.

Registration Forms for Teachers who Qualified Abroad

If you are a teacher who qualified outside of Ireland, you can apply for registration including qualifications assessment using the application forms below. All applications must be submitted with the mandatory documentation by post. Registration is subject to Vetting. 

Important note: Curricular Subject Requirement 

In addition to holding the relevant teacher education qualification, applicants must meet the requirements for at least one Post-primary curricular subject, in order to register under Route 2 Post-primary. Applicants must consult the Council's Post-primary Curricular Subject Requirements before determining which subject(s) to apply for. The requirements are available here.

Additional Form for Post-Primary Teachers (Physical Education)

If you are a teacher who qualified outside of Ireland, and applying for Physical Education assessment you must also complete the form below.

  • Post-Primary Teachers (Physical Education): PE1 Form

Post-primary registered teachers: adding an additional subject

Adding an Additional Subject for Post-primary registered teachers

Currently registered Post-primary teachers can apply to have their qualifications assessed to determine if they meet the requirements for additional Post-primary curricular subjects. N.B. Please read the Guidance Notes document prior to completing the PPQA-02 application form.

Conditional Registration Forms

FORM A for Primary and Post Primary teachers who have completed Droichead  having commenced before June 2016

In order to fulfil the Droichead condition, a teacher has to

  • Complete the induction programme
  • Be confirmed by experienced fellow professionals as having satisfied certain criteria as part of the Droichead process
  • Complete a minimum period of post-qualification professional practice, which may take place in one of more schools.

On fulfilling this condition, registrants should complete Form A and return it to the Teaching Council.

FORM B for Post-Primary teachers who have completed Post Qualification Employment

In order to satisfy the condition of PQE, teachers must provide evidence of 300 hours’ satisfactory teaching employment in a recognised post-primary school or Centre for Education in which a post-primary subject is being taught. Such evidence must be verified and signed by the school principal (or school principals where more than one school is involved).

A minimum of two thirds (200 hours) of the approved employment must be spent in the teaching of a post-primary curricular subject(s) or guidance counselling to a designated class of students on the school’s timetable.

Up to one-third (100 hours) of the approved employment can be carried out in a learning support, special needs, language support or other timetabled teaching activity. Generally, a maximum period of three years from the date of registration is set for the completion of this requirement.

FORM C for Primary teachers who have completed Probation

This form is for Primary teachers who began service on or since September 2010, to provide evidence that they have completed both the service and the professional competence requirements of probation.

FORM D for teachers who have completed the Droichead process having commenced in the 2018/2019 academic year

These forms provide evidence for the Council that all requirements of Droichead have been met.

  • Form D Primary can be located here
  • Form D Post Primary can be located here

Conditional Registration Extension Request Form

Registration is granted subject to conditions to teachers who have not met allof the requirement for full registration. A teacher can apply in writing for an extension to his/her period of conditional registration where extenuating circumstances have prevented completion of the condition. The circumstances are clearly identified on the application form including a list of evidence required to support the extension request. Please note that teachers who do not meet their registration conditions by the expiry date and who do not request andextension, will lapse from the Register. Only registered teachers are eligible to receive pay in state-funded schools.

Change of Details

Please note that you can also change your address and contact details using My Registration login. From time to time the Council will be required to issue correspondence by recorded delivery/registered post in compliance with the Teaching Council Acts. It is vital therefore that registered teachers keep all their contact details up to date. As the Council may issue important documentation during school holidays, it is essential that accurate residential/home addresses are provided.

Registered teachers may edit personal information held about them on the Register of Teachers. The following information may be edited online:



Telephone Numbers

Email Address

Email Method

Email Opt Out

Allow Paymaster Access

Employment Details

All other information, e.g. name, qualifications, gender , PPS Number, etc. may be changed by submitting the relevant change of details form and necessary documentary evidence. Qualifications that are placed at level 6 and above on the National Framework of Qualifications may be recorded as additional qualifications on the Register.

If you have completed additional studies in order to make up shortfalls identified following the assessment of your qualifications, please include a cover note with the COD-03 form confirming this and provide the file reference number quoted on your decision letter.

If you wish to add an additional qualification please use form COD-03, however if you are a post-primary teacher and wish to add an additional subject you are required to complete the form “Application Form for the Assessment of Qualifications for Additional Post-Primary Curricular Requirements”, form PPQA-02.