Teachers' learning (CPD)

The Council’s functions in relation to continuing professional development (CPD) provide that the Council will advise the Minister in relation to teachers’ CPD, promote engagement in CPD, conduct research into it and raise awareness of the benefits of teachers’ learning, among the public and teaching profession alike.

Cosán: The National Framework for Teachers’ Learning

As the statutory professional standards body for teaching, the Teaching Council is mandated in law to both promote and regulate the profession. In this context, the Council has been building a framework of standards for all stages of teachers' learning, including initial teacher education and induction (Droichead). These standards have been designed to reassure both the profession and the wider public that teachers' learning is of high quality and is able to adapt and respond to the evolving learning needs of children, young people and adult learners. Cosán, the national framework for teachers' learning, is the next step in this development of professional standards. It has been developed following a comprehensive consultation and drafting process, and acknowledges the many ways in which teachers have told us that they learn. It thus provides a clear and accessible framework for that ongoing professional learning to be recognised, in the context of teachers' status as registered professionals. It also provides a clear context for new conversations to happen about teaching and learning, between teachers, parents, students, and all stakeholders.

The publication of Cosán now paves the way for a period of further development, led by teachers, which will inform national implementation of the framework. If you wish to find out more about this development process, or learn how you can get involved click here.

The Teaching Council has developed a short video to outline key information on Cosán and the Development Process. Click below to view this video.