Change of Details

Registered teachers may edit and/or update personal information held about them on the Register of Teachers. The following information should be edited online:

  • Title
  • Address
  • Telephone numbers
  • Email address 
  • Emailing Method
  • Email opt out
  • Allow paymaster view your details
  • Employment Details.

All other information, e.g. name, qualifications, gender , PPS Number, etc. may only be changed by submitting the relevant Change of Details form and necessary documentary evidence. Qualifications that are placed at level 6 and above on the National Framework of Qualifications may be recorded as additional qualifications on the Register.

If you have completed additional studies in order to make up shortfalls identified following an assessment of your qualifications, please include a cover note with the COD-03 form and provide the file reference number quoted on your decision letter.

If you wish to add an additional qualification, please use form COD-03, however if you are a post-primary teacher and wish to add an additional subject you are required to complete the “Application Form for the Assessment of Qualifications for Additional Post-Primary Curricular Requirements”, Form PPQA-02.