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1. Who is eligible

To be eligible under this policy:

  • You must be registered under:
    • Regulation Two (Primary) of the Teaching Council [Registration] Regulations
    • Section 31 of the Teaching Council Acts
  • The only remaining condition on your registration must be Probation/Droichead in a mainstream setting.
  • You have been working in a special education setting and carrying out teaching roles that meet the criteria and service requirements below.

2. Criteria

You are or were:

  • Teaching the full national curriculum which has been modified in line with the guidelines as set out by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA)
  • Teaching a class of a minimum size of six students full time for the entire day
  • Fully responsible for the learning of the students and have or had responsibilities comparable to those of mainstream class teachers

3. Service requirement

You must have had teaching service of at least 50 consecutive days in the same class and special education setting

This service must be in addition to any service requirement for Droichead.

How to apply

If you are eligible under the criteria listed above, please:

  • Login to  My Registration
  • Go to the My Conditions section of the Teaching Council website
  • Download a SP-ROB form
  • Ask the school principal to sign and stamp the form
  • Upload the form through the same “My Registration/My Conditions” section.